Are you available for travel?

Yes, I love to travel. I have traveled both domestically and internationally. 

Can we spend time together uncompensated?

While I'm always flattered by such requests, and even though our time spent together is genuine, I cannot spend time with you without being compensated for my time.

Is screening necessary?

Yes, I think it's vital for us to be able to genuinely spend a memorable time together. I also value discretion, so please understand that I will never disclose any of your information. 

What will you be wearing on our date?

I love to dress to impress according to the occasion. I'm comfortable in naughty lingerie, or jeans and boots, or a cocktail dress. Advance notice of any requests will allow me to come prepared!

Do you have any piercings or tattoos?

Yes, I have a very small one on my hip. I also have a tongue piercing, but if you prefer it to be removed for our date, I would be happy to do so.

Do you drink or smoke?

No, I don't do either. However, I do not mind at all if you would like to do so. 

Are you available for social events?

Yes! I can enjoy a night out on the town or a simple luncheon. Remember, I like to dress to impress, so let me know ahead of time so that I may present myself accordingly!

How do you receive consideration if we are meeting in public?

Please provide the consideration in an envelope or a card at the beginning of our time together. Please understand that at no time will I ever discuss money with you, so please be respectful of this.